Municipal Waste Management

We are large enough to handle an entire town's waste management needs, yet small enough that you will always get somebody local on the phone when you call.

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Municipal Trash Service

Sustainable Environmental Management can provide Efficient and reliable Municipal trash service for your city or town. We provide full service from Curbside trash pickup, recycling and yard waste to roll off dumpsters and compactors.

When you use Sustainable Environmental Management For your municipal or town waste removal, You will most likely save money or valuable tax dollars that could be otherwise spent more wisely.

While working with Sustainable Environmental Management as an independent contractor you won have to pay a number of expenses associated with having employees, such as employer-provided benefits, office space, equipment, maintenance your share of the employees Social Security and Medicare taxes, State Unemployment Compensation Insurance, and Workers Compensation Insurance. All together these expenses can easily increase your payroll costs by 20 to 30% or more.

Contact us today (888)832-8802 together we can build an affordable waste removal solution for your town.


Middletown Delaware

Middletown Trash and Recycling Service Map

Map showing days trash and recycling are picked up based on your location.

Recycle Collection Trash - use ORANGE LID Carts

Collection of single-stream recycling which is household items only

  • Newspapers
  • Metal Cans
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic Bottles and Containers
  • Glass Bottles
  • Paper, Junk Mail, Magazines

Visit Delaware Solid Waste Authority for a more complete list

Delaware Solid Waste Authority Logo

Regular Trash Collection - use BLUE LID Carts

  • Collection times may vary so we ask that you place your cart curbside the night before
  • Bulk items are collected same day and should be placed next to your trash cart
  • All carpet must be cut into 4 foot width, rolled and tied.
  • Bulk items containing Freon should be called into trash text customer service at 302 832 8000 prior to collection as they require special handling.
  • Electronic items should be recycled at DSWA facilities

Note: construction or renovation debris is not accepted.

Yard Waste Collection - use YELLOW LID Carts

  • Yard waste collection includes grass clippings, leaves, brush, shrubs, Garden material and Christmas trees.
  • Yard waste should be placed in the provided container and MUST BE UN-BAGGED



CharlesTown Maryland


Perryville Maryland


recycling arrows logoRecycling

Recycling keeps waste out of the landfill

According to the EPA in the U.S. in 2018 people generated 292 million tons of solid waste. We were able to recycle about 32% keeping 93 million tons of solid waste out of the landfill. As more people populate the United States it's important that we all continue recycling efforts and improve recycling rates because landfill land is limited and resources like paper plastic, aluminum and steel can be used again.

Recycling Creates jobs

Recycling has created more than 681,000 jobs. On a national average there are 1.17 jobs, $65,230 Wages and 9,420 tax revenue for every 1000 U.S. Tons of recyclables collected and recycled

Recycling reduces our need for new raw materials

Thanks to recycling it is estimated that nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Aluminum can be used over and over again , but only if it is properly sorted into recycling containers.

Recycling conserves energy

For example recycling paper allows it to be reused to make new paper products reducing the amount of trees and other natural resources used to make new paper recycling a ton of paper can save the energy equivalent to 166 gallons of gasoline.

Recycling reduces pollution

Recycling reduces pollution by reducing greenhouse gases that would otherwise be released in the process of manufacturing paper aluminum plastic from raw materials.

recycling trash can container

See the Delaware Solid Waste Authority site here to learn more about what is acceptable to put in your recycling container.

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Even if you're already in a contract, we will work with you to seamlessly transition your services as your current contract expires.

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